Online Transfer Promotion

State Administrator in Transfer/Promotion

State Admin will provide order type for his/her State.

1. State Admin will Create Order Type after login into his/her account under menu option ->> State Administrator->> Manage Master Data->> Create Order Type

2. State Admin will create new order type after selecting order name and order description.
3. State Administrator will have to choose 'Order Type' under options are:
Change Establishment Detail
Change Financial Detail
Change Both Establishment and Financial Detail
None of the above
4. To exit the employee in HRMS in above transaction type, State Administrator will check the option whether yes or no.

Department Administrator in Transfer/Promotion

Department Admin creates order authority and defines order format.

Part 1
1. Department Admin will create Order Authority Master.
2. Department Admin will enter the followings:
Authority Desc
Authority Address
3. Department Admin can also see all the created order authority lists.
Part 2
1. The next task of Department Admin is to prepare Order Format
2. Department Admin will have to select the followings::
State : Department Admin will select the state.
Department :The next is to select department.
Transaction Type :Department Admin will select the transaction type i.e Deputation,Promotion,Increment,Demotion,Demotion with transfer etc.
Order Authority :Department admin will select the name of the order authority that has been created by him/her in the first part.
3. Department admin will enter all the details regarding order format and will save it.

Order Administrator in Transfer/Promotion

Order Admin creates draft order list and selects the employees.

Draft Order List

Order Administrator will create Draft order List by selecting draft order type and draft order list.
Order Administrator will select order type first and will create draft order list for that order type.
After the creation of draft order list, Order Administrator will search employees:: Order administrator will select employees either by making search on the basis of Department, current Office,Designation,sub designation, employee code etc.
or by selecting employees against DPC list

A transaction occurs automatically in all employees' service book.

Print Draft Orders

Order Administrator will select order type, order authority and file number etc. He/She can change the neccessary information in the format prepared by Department Administrator.
At the final Stage,Order Administrator will publish draft order list. Employees can see the published order on the home page of eHRMS.
employee can see the report for published order as given below::