Online Leave

State Admin

State Admin will manage Leave by entering Leave type details. State Admin will enter number of leaves for the particular leave Type.

Department Admin

Department admin will manage the following:
Department Admin will select year and month.
Department Admin will credit leaves to employees.

General/Establishment Data Entry Operator(eHRMS User Roles)

General User/Establishment data entry operator will select/change reporting officer.

The user will enter the details to apply leave either by selecting fresh leave or leave extension.

Note:Once the request has been sent to the Reporting Officer, then user can not change his/her Reporting Officer again.
User will apply for the leave, he/she will enter the following details:
  • After the leave is applied by the employee, reporting officer will approve or reject the leave and employee can see the leave status whether it has been approved or cancelled by the reporting officer. Reporting officer can forward the request for the leave to the higher authority to verify.
  • User can also check the leave balance in which user can see the leave type, allowed leaves, leaves taken and leave balance.
  • The User can also see the leave status after applying/cancelling the leave

  • Note: In case, If User is applying for CL(Casual Leave) then only working days will be counted (excluding holidays) for leave. But if user is applying for medical leave or earned leave then working days as well as holidays will be counted in that case.