Online Service Request

With the help of Online Service Request, User can send his/her request for the particular service online as

eHRMS Services are :

• TA Bill • Apply for GPF Advance Withdrawal
• Apply for Car Advance • Apply For Computer Advance
• Tution Fee• Apply for EL Encashment
• Apply LTC Advance • Apply HBA
• Apply for Accommodation (House Allotment ) • NOC for Higher Studies
• NOC for Foreign Visit • Apply for Brief Case / Ladies Bag
• Requisition for Consumables • Telephone Reimbursement
• Medical Reimbursement • Newspaper Reimbursement
• Children’s Education • Transfer Request

  • By using this option, User can send any type of online service request. Format of the application will be prepared by the department admin.
  • User will enter his/her details according to the format and will send the request to the reporting officer.
  • If user doesn’t get any response from the reporting officer regarding online request then he/she can make modifications/changes (if any) or he/she can send the request to the another reporting officer.
  • In case, if the application has been verified by the reporting officer then it will be send to the higher authority for verification. If the verification is completed then the concerned verified officer will issue order in reply of the request.

The detailed description of Online Service Request

As we are aware of the fact that the employee can now online apply for certain services as-GIS, ISSUE GPF Number & TA Bill etc.
The user can online apply by Selecting a given service format and sending it for farther approval to the reporting/reviewing officer.

Part A-Employee Details

The details of the employee who has logged-in using his credentials can see the Employee Code, Employee Name & Date of Birth are filled by default.
Choosing on the "General"menu & click on "Online Service Request"-Part-A is filled default having the basic knowledge of the employee.

Select Service

Select Service means to select the type of service for which the employee wishes to apply for (GIS,Issue GPF Number & TA Bill).
The employee can fill the format online and apply for the service.
Note:The format will be created by Department Administrator. If format for the selected service has not been created yet then he/she can contact Department Administrator.
Service type is of three types-Apply Online, Reporting & Accepting.
Apply Online (e.g for GIS, a Travelling Allowance Bill, Issue GPF Number)-a type needs to be selected.
When applied by a general employee the filled format goes farther for verification to the reporting officer & it is his/her wish to send it farther to the accepting officer or verify the format himself(by also becoming an accepting officer).
The Financial Year is mandatory to be filled.
The format available for TA, GIS, Issue GPF Number can be seen under "Fill Form" option.
Fill Form contains an editor(tool for filling the form) & also has the option of attaching a document by clicking on the "Choose File" option.
The "SAVE" button saves the filled format whereas the "CANCEL" button rejects the submission of any filled/unfilled format.
Clicking on the "SAVE" button displays a dialogue box on the screen which contains a SERVICE ID (which should be noted for farther process).
After Submitting the form, User lock the request and select the reporting officer.

Assessment by Reporting Officer

The reporting officer logs-in using his credentials and checks if he has any requests for any service.
Here the reporting officer can give the remarks and sets the status via check-box to Accept/Reject the service request.
The reporting officer also has the right to assign him-self the role of the "Accepting Officer".

Assessment by Accepting Officer

The Accepting Officer has the right to edit the remarks given by "Reporting Officer" also & the applicant never be a reporting/accepting officer although the reporting officer can be a reviewing officer too.
Note: The Reviewing officer can set himself to Accepting officer also. The applicant can never be a reviewing/reporting authority for himself.
After final verification, the concerned verified officer will issue order in reply of the request.
If the verification is completed, the employees who are related to the order will get the notifications on their home page.